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Plant Protein

A plant-based protein powder containing 5 powerful superfoods to keep you full longer and provide clean, natural sources of energy.

  • 9g protein per 15g serving
  • Clean, 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Perfect before or after a workout
($1.53 per serving)
Size: 400 grams | 26 servings

Clean plant protein plus energizing superfoods? Yes, please! Plant Protein is designed to give you a natural energy boost before your workouts and can aid in post-workout recovery.

  • Contains essential amino acids to fuel your post-workout recovery
  • Also contains maca, an adaptogen known to boost energy and workout performance
  • Only 5 ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gums

Pairs well with

Add more flavor and nutrients by combining Plant Protein with one of these delicious superfood mixes:

Improve Your Health with the Cleanest Protein Powder

Clean plant protein plus energizing superfoods? Yes, please!

Plant Protein contains 5 powerful superfoods to keep you full longer, boost your metabolism, and give you a natural energy boost before or after your workouts. Being powered by plants never felt so good! How does it work? 5 powerful ingredients work harmoniously together:

Rice Protein from Spain

Rice protein can speed up metabolism and reduce your appetite and hunger levels. Plus, it contains high amounts of essential amino acids, making it the perfect post-workout fuel.
Rice Protein from Spain

Pea Protein from Spain

Reduce your cravings and late-night snacking sessions thanks to this powerful plant protein source. Nutrient-rich, pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids, so your body can thrive.
Pea Protein from Spain

Maca from Peru

This ancient superfood is a powerful adaptogen that helps to increase energy and support hormonal balance.
Maca from Peru

Lucuma from Peru

Lucuma is rich in antioxidants, especially flavonoids, which offer anti-inflammatory benefits. In fact, this superfruit is known to help lower blood pressure. Plus, it contains vitamin C, zinc, calcium, fiber, potassium, and iron, making it ultra-nutritious!
Lucuma from Peru

Banana from Peru

Boost your mood and energy levels with the mighty banana. This a-peeling fruit is a great source of natural energy and potassium which helps your muscles to get moving!
Banana from Peru

OUR MISSION: To help you feel your best by making eating healthy and more plants easier! As a B corp we build a transparent supply chain and give back. Stay Healthy, Be Happy!

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