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Looking to start fresh and get back on track with your healthy habits after the holiday season? Forget about the latest diets or calorie counting and start nourishing your body with real nutrients. 

Unlike no-eating cleanses that leave you hungry, our 5-day Detox Plan was created my orthomolecular nutritionists to help you reset, refresh and lose a few unwanted kilos without starvation. The focus is on nutrient-dense foods that give your body the nourishment it needs to thrive.

You will have 2 daily superfood smoothies, 1 lunch salad + healthy snack options. The Detox Plan includes handy tracking sheets, c
ontinuous personal support & access to exclusive WhatsApp groups.

This plan will not only make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow – it can boost energy levels, improve digestion and get rid of a few unwanted pounds, too! 
Are you ready for #yourfreshstart?

What is Detoxing - What is that?
Detoxing is an internal cleansing process our body does naturally to get rid of unwanted toxins and by following a detox plan we can improve and optimize it. This way our body can save energy that is normally needed for a proper digestion and has the opportunity to recover ideally.
How does it work?
The detox is based on a clear, simple and daily structure consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner - that's probably similar to your normal eating habits. For breakfast and dinner you'll have a big smoothie and for lunch, we'll help you create your own healthy dish. The detailed 5-day plan contains a guide and recipes as well as a personal tracking sheet.
What results I can expect?
There are quite a lot results you can achieve following the 5-day detox plan. However, they can vary from person to person. They range from higher energy levels, better digestion and eating habits, intensified taste, weight loss or clearer skin - to name a few. In the end, your body will thank you for the cleanse!
Can everyone follow the detox plan?
Yes! A detox can help everyone to support the body flushing out toxins. Consult a doctor before following the plan if you're pregnant, taking medicaments or are under 18 years.
Do I get support during the detox?
Sure! We'll support you before, during and after the detox. Per email to, on the phone (+49 30 398202 300) or on Whatsapp. Just send us your mobile number and we'll add you to our exclusive Whatsapp groups where we motivate and inspire each other on our detox journey.
How do I get the #yourfreshstart detox plan?
After purchasing the detox set you'll instantly receive an email with a link to download the ebook. If you didn't get one please contact us via and we'll send it to you.
How long does the shipping take?
We offer FREE Shipping on this product within the US. The package is shipped from Atlanta. Standard shipping usually takes 1-4 working days.

5-Day Detox Plan to
cleanse & feel your best

Cleanse & Feel Good

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