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Skinny Protein Mix

A lean, green, carb-conscious plant-based protein powder mix! Skinny Protein combines hemp and pea protein for all essential amino acids.

  • Contains 9g protein per 15g serving
  • Greens + high-quality plant proteins
  • Clean, 100% plant-based ingredients
($1.53 per serving)
Size: 400 grams | 26 servings

Organic plant-based protein offers a source of the essential amino acids alongside superfood greens

  • Organic plant-based protein offers a source of essential amino acids alongside superfood greens
  • With high-quality spirulina packed with nourishing nutrients
  • Only 5 ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gums

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Vegan Proteins and Powerful Greens – Nothing Else.

Did you know that adding extra plant protein to your diet can prevent you from snacking in-between meals and help you control your hunger? The Skinny Protein mix contains all essential amino acids, only 1.4g carbs per serving and is enriched with nutrient-dense greens. Bonus: it will keep you fuller for longer and speed up your metabolism!

Hemp Protein from Canada

Hemp protein is an excellent source of protein containing all essential amino acids - including the 9 amino acids that our bodies can't produce on its own.
Hemp Protein from Canada

Pea Protein from Belgium

Sustainably sourced pea protein has a strong amino acid profile that speeds up muscle recovery and growth. A plus: it’s perfect for people with specific food allergies or sensitivities.
Pea Protein from Belgium

Moringa from India

Moringa — nicknamed "The Tree of Life" — contains in its leaves high levels of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
Moringa from India

Spirulina from Chile

Spirulina is a microalgae, the highest natural source of protein, and was consumed daily by the Aztecs for energy and strength.
Spirulina from Chile

Alfalfa from USA

This sprouting green is high in micronutrients, including the full spectrum of B-vitamins and more!
Alfalfa from USA

OUR MISSION: To help you feel your best by making eating healthy and more plants easier! As a B corp we build a transparent supply chain and give back. Stay Healthy, Be Happy!

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