100,000 Your Super packets are being donated to health care workers to keep them healthy We're donating 100,000 packets to health care workers

Your Super Bottle

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Now Available in Pink - Limited Quantity

Take your Superfoods on the go with the Super Bottle! Using this blender bottle is easy: Simply add your favorite Your Super mixes with your choice of liquid, shake, and sip!

Made of pure glass, our blender bottle is also odor and stain resistant, leak proof and dishwasher safe.

Each box includes:

  • 20oz glass blender bottle
  • Blender ball
  • Detachable carry loop
  • Small opening to drink from
  • Large opening to easily clean 

You’ll also receive our brand new Your Super Bottle Recipes e-book featuring easy recipes you can make in your new bottle with Your Super mixes.

Travel Bundle Includes: 

These little portion packets are perfect to take on the go with Your Super Bottle... simply add to your water, nut milk or juice!

Get all 7 Your Super Mixes Travel Pack - each box contains 10 servings/portion packets!



Shake Your Super
mixes on the go

Shake on the go



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