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February 8th, 2020

Stuck Inside? Here Are 5 (Fun And Cheap) At-Home Date Night Ideas

Don’t miss out on date night this Valentine’s Day! Try these quarantine-friendly date night ideas… (Great for gal pals, too!)

This Valentine’s Day might be different from the previous years, but that doesn’t mean you and your special someone can’t have fun.

In fact, staying home can be more special and more romantic than going out. There’s no expensive pre-fixe menu, no high-expectations, and no singing telegrams (what a relief!) Just you and your loved one spending a romantic night together.

Sure, you may have spent a lot of quality time with your partner this year but Valentine's day is an amazing opportunity to spice things up, refresh your usual routine, and create new memories! 

Flying solo this holiday? No problem! These activities are great for Galentine’s day, too.

Here are a few at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

At-Home Date Night Ideas



For Couples:

Heat things up in the kitchen! You don’t have to become a home chef to prepare a nice meal together. Pick a recipe that you both love and divide the to-do list accordingly. Or, choose a cooking video on Youtube and have an at-home cooking class.

Want to make it more exciting? Plan out a 3-course meal plan and assign each of you a course. You can even add drink pairings if you’re feeling creative!

For Long-Distance Besties:

Settle on a recipe, then gather your closest friends for a Zoom cooking party! You can prepare the meal on screen together, or prepare it ahead of time and have a virtual dinner date.


For Couples:

Lights, camera, action! Pretend you’re at the movies for a night by turning your living room into an at-home theatre. You can rearrange the seating, dim the lights, and pick a movie neither of you have seen before – just don’t forget the popcorn!

Online Movie Night:

Did you know Netflix lets you watch movies with friends online? They have a feature that allows you and your friends to watch the same movie, at the same time. It even includes a group chat, so you can say things like “What else is that actor in?” And “Do you think they’ll end up together in the end?


For Couples:

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a couples massage! Set the mood by lighting candles and turning on some quiet, relaxing music. Take turns giving each other a full body massage using moisturizing oils, such as coconut or jojoba.

Virtual Spa Day:

Host a virtual spa day with your BFF’s! You can make the same homemade face masks, paint your nails, and stir up a warm, calming latte. (This is the perfect galentine’s day activity!)


For Couples:

Whether you’re newbies or experienced yogi’s, practicing yoga together is a great way to connect both spiritually and physically. Plus, it allows you to slow down and be present in the moment.

Grab your mats and pick a free online yoga class. You can choose a class based on your level of experience, and find one specifically for couples.

P.S. Research shows that yoga can help boost libido. (You can thank us later!)


For Couples:

Scrabble anyone? Turn date night into game night by getting out your favorite card and board games! Or play a game of who knows who better, and whoever loses has to plan the next date night.

You can also make it a double date by video calling your favorite couple and playing online jeopardy or charades. (Just don’t forget the snacks!)

For Friends:

Playing with a larger group? No problem! Gather your friends near and far and divide everyone up into teams. Then choose your team captains and let the games begin!


You don’t need dinner reservations to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year. There are plenty of ways to connect and have fun with your partner at home. Remember, this holiday isn’t about spending money, it’s about showing how much you love each other.


Looking for ways to make your at-home date night even more special? Try any of these:


  • Get dressed up (so long, sweatpants!)
  • Have a no-phone rule
  • Play your wedding song
  • Wear their favorite perfume


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