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Ellen Kok Health Expert Your Superfoods
Ellen Kok – Orthomolecular Nutritionist & Therapist at ORTHO Health and Detox
'I love the Super Green Mix that I always add to my daily smoothie after a long walk. Avocado, banana, spinach, orange, mint and the Super Green Mix – a little sweet, nutritious, satisfying and super healthy as it supports detoxing!'



Bianca Baak Health Expert Your Superfoods athlete
Bianca Baak – Professional Athlete 400m Hurdles
'I am crazy about the Chocolate Lover Mix. It is perfect to quickly transform a simple yoghurt into a delicious guilt-free dessert. I also like the fact that I can use the protein mixes to recover faster from my practices.'




christian heiliger health expert your superfoods doctor
Christian Heiliger – Hospital Doctor & Entrepreneur 
'I use the Power Matcha and Muscle Power Mix daily in smoothies, yoghurt and oatmeal during breakfast. These mixes give me the extra boost of natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyl my body needs. It makes me feel energetic and alive!'



Janneke van der Meulen health experts your superfoods
Janneke van der Meulen – Professional Rower & Author of Super Snel Herstel
'The more high quality ingredients you consume right after your workout, the faster you will recover. That is why I use different Your Superfoods Mixes, such as the Skinny Protein and Muscle Power Mix right after my workouts.'




Marie Nichols papaya sunshine your superfoods health expert
Marie Nichols – Foodblogger at Papaya Sunshine
'I'm very impressed! The ingredients are all natural and organic which I love, and I feel really good when using them. Chocolate Lover and Forever Beautiful are my favourite, they taste delicious. I love to add them to smoothies, ice cream and porridge in the mornings and I feel energised throughout the day. This is a great way to get added nutrients into your diet and I would highly recommend them!'


Tiina Strandberg My berry forest your superfoods health expert
Tina Strandberg – Foodblogger at My Berry Forest
'I've been testing your products every day now and can only tell you they are AMAZING! I actually think they are one of the best superfoods I've tested. And my kids have used them too!' 




Jacqueline Köster fit journey for two your superfoods health expert
Jacqueline Köster – Food Blogger at Fit Journey For Two
'I am adding Your Superfoods mixes into my meals every day.  In porridge for breakfast, in hummus for lunch or dinner – the possibilities are endless! I absolutely love the Super Green and Forever Beautiful Mix, the taste is amazing and I'm getting all the nutrients from organic sources. Definitely my favourite brand of superfoods!'



Hanne Vanmeirhaeghe – Vegan Foodblogger at Naturally Hanne your superfoods health expert
Hanne Vanmeirhaeghe – Vegan Foodblogger at Naturally Hanne 
'I absolutely adore the Muscle Power Mix. Normally it always takes me a while to get used to the taste of superfood mixes, but this one was an immediate favourite. I add it to my smoothies with some extra cinnamon powder and it's absolutely delicious.'




Julia Müller – German Field Hockey National Team Player your superfoods health expert
Julia Müller – German Field Hockey National Team Player & 2x Olympic participant
'With my favourite meal of the day I add one of the Your Superfoods mixes. It's the perfect start of day before trainings and games!'




Dr. Hendrik Boss – Partner at Taylor Wessing your superfoods healthy expert
Dr. Hendrik Boss – Partner at Taylor Wessing
'I won't leave the house in the mornings without the Energy Bomb Mix. It keeps me sharp during my business meetings and gives me energy for the whole day.'





Rachael DeVaux –  @rachaelsgoodeats your superfoods health expert
Rachael DeVaux –  @rachaelsgoodeats 
'These mixes come in handy any time of the day, whether that's adding to oats, smoothies, or in tea (Power Matcha). I love how each flavour has its own health benefits. I enjoy adding the Energy Bomb Mix to my late afternoon smoothie for an extra burst of energy to finish the day and I've been so obsessed with adding the Chocolate Lover Mix to my late night frozen banana and almond milk blended ice cream bowl.'