Meet our most-loved product 💚: The Detox Bundle Meet our most-loved product 💚: The Detox Bundle


Sladana, a healthcare worker, was tired of drinking coffee and energy drinks to keep her alert during her long shifts. Then she made the switch to Energy Bomb. Here’s what she has to say...

Are you a self-proclaimed coffee addict who couldn’t imagine parting with your beloved cup of joe?


But what if I told you our Energy Bomb mix could give you the same amount of energy as coffee — without the negative side effects?


Sladana was skeptical, too. As a healthcare worker, she would drink everything from coffee to energy drinks just to get through her 16 hour shifts.


And then she tried Energy Bomb. Here’s her story in her own words.

Energy Bomb testimonial

“I work in healthcare and sometimes long shifts, coffee or stress can be a lot. Crashing in the midday is been part of my routine for a while so as coffee. I’ve been seeing adds and videos off these products and I figured since I’ve tried pretty much everything so far at least once mine as well give it the shot.


I am fairly new to the group and I recently purchase this amazing products. I have been using it for 10 days now and I am fallowing simple recipe off the back and I am mad at myself for not buying it sooner.


I am used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee before I could even start the day and at least 1 energy drink before noon and since doing my morning smoothie I’ve been feeling amazing. 10 amazing days my energy level has been high, I don’t feel like I am crashing nor being tired. I am on my second 16 hour shift in a row and I am feeling great!!


What I really love about this: not only that is giving me great feeling, great amount of energy also I can make this smoothie in the morning and It will have the same flavor, color and taste hours later (refrigerated off course) as when I make it before work. I used almond or rice milk rather then water and I highly recommend this if you like me working in healthcare and you always depending on the coffee to keep you up!!” — Sladana G.

Your Superfoods Regular Bundles Detox Bundle

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Are you trying to kick your coffee habit? Brew yourself a healthier morning routine with our Quit Coffee Bundle! This bundle includes a combination of our healthy coffee replacements and superfood latte mixes!


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