There was a time in my life where I couldn’t get anything done without having my coffee first thing in the morning. First coffee, then life - otherwise I would walk around like a zombie and be an unproductive mess. Can you relate? Well, then keep reading as I’m sharing how I managed to ditch that addictive habit for good, have more energy than ever before and found something way better that’s also beneficial for my health...

Ok, I have to admit - in the beginning, it wasn’t THAT easy to let go. But that’s because I was really a coffee junkie. I felt lethargic, grumpy and tired when I didn’t have my coffee and I knew that it couldn’t go on like that. Also, it kinda felt like I had to keep increasing my coffee intake to feel something, to get that caffeine rush… my body got used to it. I couldn’t focus at work and felt tired a lot. It was time to find a healthier and more effective alternative.

My co-worker was drinking this superfood powder mix by a company called YOUR SUPER and she absolutely loved it and kept recommending it to me - so I gave in and decided to give it a try. I didn’t have anything to lose, right? I was sceptical at first though... could this bright green, kinda weird looking powder really substitute my beloved coffee?

The taste is different and not really comparable with coffee, but I actually really like the mildly sweet, leafy green tea flavour of the mix… but one question remains: did it really give me energy?

After having my coffee I always often felt jittery (the usual caffeine crash)... and needed another one after about 1 hour. This doesn’t happen with the Power Matcha Mix! I feel energized for a longer time and it helps me focus… Did you know that Zen Buddhist monks used it hundreds of years ago already to optimize their focus during meditation? Pretty cool, huh!

matcha powder

First things first: Matcha is pulverized green tea - so when you drink it you consume the whole leaf. Besides lots of nutrients and antioxidants, it also contains naturally occurring caffeine which is released slowly and steadily. Therefore it gives you the ability to focus and be productive over an extended period of up to 6 hours... YES! #teammatcha

According to this study, the L-theanine and natural caffeine in matcha improve your focus, aid in multitasking and improves cognition time. Perfect for work! Plus, the L-theanine significantly increases brain-activity in the alpha frequency which help relax the mind and get into this ‘flow’ and calm state of mind (similar to when you are meditating) - read more here if you’re interested. Yes, I did my research on this topic!


I like to keep it simple, so I simply mix 1 tsp of the mix with some almond milk. But I know that my co-worker sometimes simply shakes it in her water bottle when she is on the go. Or she stirs it into her porridge or smoothie… I might have to try this as I could definitely step up my breakfast game, too!

Besides the high quality matcha from Japan (that’s where matcha is originally from), I also like that the mix contains: (1) the adaptogen maca for hormonal balance and stress reduction (who doesn’t need this on a daily basis?) (2) and powerful nutrient-dense green superfoods like moringa, wheatgrass & barley grass - definitely a bonus as I don’t always manage to eat my daily greens (sorry mom)! And that’s it - 5 clean superfoods, no sweeteners, fillers or additives needed.

What I also truly love about the company is the founder story. Michael had cancer at age 24 and is now fully committed to making healthy eating easier… and Kristel grew up in a family of nutritionists and was always passionate about good food! They are super picky with their sourcing, only use certified organic & non-GMO ingredients and give back to malnourished children around the world. Definitely something I want to support!

I hope this was helpful to some of you - give it a try and you might be on #teammatcha soon, too :) This mix really changed my life and I know you still might be hesitant (I was too!), but I really don’t want you to miss out on this. Did I mention you can try the mix for 30 days and if you don’t love it get a full refund?

And yes, before you ask: I still enjoy a coffee here and there, because I like the taste - but on most days I rely on my Power Matcha Lattes in the mornings (or afternoons) and really feel my overall mood, health and energy levels have improved! I love it!


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