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I Quit Coffee For 7 Days (then THIS happened)

It REALLY took me by surprise!


I Quit Coffee For 7 Days (then THIS happened)

It REALLY took me by surprise!


Hi, I'm Hannah and I need to make a confession:


I LOVE coffee. 


In fact, I usually drink at least 2-3 cups of coffee every morning.


So believe me, I was VERY reluctant to give up my coffee habit for a full 7 days (I was sure it would feel like a lifetime).


But then something super surprising happened…


My headaches slowly started going away.


I felt more energized every day.


I was even sleeping better at night.


Which is why I'm sharing my journal with you — to show you just how easy it is to replace your coffee habit for clean, natural, long-lasting energy with just a fraction of the caffeine.


Now, what I did was I swapped my normal morning coffee for a small pot of Your Super Super Brew.


It's a coffee alternative with 6 healthy ingredients (including fiber!) and 75% less caffeine than the average cup of coffee.


So here's what happened when I made the switch…


I absolutely adore coffee, especially the routine of making it: the smell, the pouring, the anticipation of the first delicious sip.


So I knew I needed to turn Super Brew into its own morning routine.


That's why I made my first cup with my French Press. I just put 2 tsps of Super Brew in my French Press, added hot water, and waited a couple minutes.


Then, I added a dash of oat milk to my mug, poured in my Super Brew, and…




It didn't taste like coffee exactly, but it was quite sweet. It tasted warm and familiar. I loved the end note of the coconut milk too, which was just perfect.


As the day went on, my energy felt good and I was definitely in a positive mood.


I felt like I was focusing easier and for longer than normal.

I even did my 45-minute HIIT workout with energy to spare (crazy, right?).


Brewed Super Brew in my French Press again.


But today, I noticed a more pronounced "caffeine headache" around lunch time (which I chalked up to the lack of my normal caffeine).


So I had an Energy Bomb bar for a snack and the guarana really helped, since my headache went away right after.


I noticed I was still able to concentrate for longer like I did on day 1 and I had no problem falling asleep at night (normally, my brain goes into overdrive right before bed, but today I felt pleasantly tired).


Woke up really easily and felt great — just loads of clean energy!


Didn't feel like I needed my first cup of Super Brew until midday, when I made myself an iced latte (really yummy!).


While I was up, I also made myself a cold brew that I kept in the fridge for the next day.


No headaches today, and I even felt less anxious throughout the day.


Every day, I feel like I'm able to concentrate for longer and longer periods of time which is amazing.


If I'm being honest, I really missed the taste of coffee today.


So instead of a Super Brew, I made myself a cup of decaf.


Fortunately, though, no headaches today — just tons of good energy and positive vibes.


Woke up really easily again, especially compared to normal. Didn't feel like I needed anything in the morning!


Today, I had the Super Brew cold brew I'd prepared on day 3 around lunch time, and I'm beginning to notice strong tasting notes of black tea.


But Super Brew really is unique. It feels like the benefits of superfoods meets the ritual of coffee for something totally new and different.


It's something you can replace your coffee with and get nice energy and results from.


I'll be honest again: I still miss the taste of coffee, but I don't miss the crash!

Super Brew feels like the benefits of superfoods meets the ritual of coffee for something really unique.


Saturday means it's time for my weekend coffee ritual — except this time, without the coffee!


Once again, I brewed my Super Brew in my French Press, only this time I added Your Super Plant Collagen Mix as a creamer and it was absolutely delicious with strong vanilla notes in every sip.


I almost couldn't believe it, but I didn't even need a cup of Super Brew today.


I woke up feeling fresh and didn't need the mood or energy boost.


I broke my coffee habit!


And after 7 days, I'm noticing I'm ready for bed at the end of the day. I'm sleeping better. I wake up feeling well-rested and full of energy.


I also realized coffee was making me more anxious and less able to focus. Since switching to Super Brew, I've been able to concentrate for longer and I feel more positive and less stressed.




I do miss the taste of coffee. So I may need to have a cup of decaf from time to time to get my fix — without the caffeine! :)

All Your Super mixes are:

Hannah M.

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