Hello Calm — Meet Our Newest Bundle Hello Calm — Meet Our Newest Bundle



For every $10 you spend, a Super Green packet will be donated to health care workers to help support their health.


If you know any healthcare workers or organizations who need support to stay healthy, email us at happy@yoursuper.com.



UPDATE 3/31/2020: We are doing everything we can to ensure your orders are shipped as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible. However, due to the current situation there may be a delay of one business day in delivery. Thanks for understanding! xo


UPDATE 3/26/2020: If you're feeling stressed, anxious or even scared about the currently global health crisis, we want you to know that we are here for you. To help you stay healthy and make the most of your time at home, we're put together this Healthy Eating At Home support page. Share it with your friends and loved ones, and we hope it helps you all during this time. Stay healthy xo


UPDATE 3/24/2020: The sooner we all follow the advice of experts and stay at home, the sooner we will all get through this. Please make sure to check legitimate sources for the most up-to-date advice on handling the current health situation. To help you all, we are temporarily offering free shipping on all orders with the code STAYHEALTHY. Stay safe everyone xo.


UPDATE 3/22/2020: Join us in the Exclusive Members Facebook Group daily at 1:30pm PST (4:30pm EST) for LIVE videos with me (Kristel) and Michael as we show you some tasty, immune-boosting recipes from our kitchen. You can also catch up on all previous videos in case you miss them. The Exclusive Members Group is temporarily open to everyone, so make sure to join here.



Hi everyone,


We wanted to check-in with the entire Your Super community. We totally understand that you might feel uncertain, anxious, confused, stressed about what is currently happening in the world.


There is unfortunately a lot that none of us can control at the moment, the one thing we can control is our own daily health habits! 


Using superfoods daily can support you and your family. Remember that I originally created these mixes to rebuild Michael’s immune system after his chemo treatments. (You can find our current daily regime to stay healthy at the bottom of this post 😊.)

We have made several adjustments in the past few weeks to make sure we can support your health continuously.


(1) We have been building up inventory. With demands way higher than expected, we can’t guarantee that everything will be in stock at all times, however we will do everything we can to keep these essential immunity boosting superfood mixes available! Ps. They have 6-12 month shelf life!


(2) Orders at the moment arrive between 2-4 business days and we do our best to get the Your Super mixes to you as fast as we can. Our warehouses have doubled down on the amount of daily cleanings and disinfecting of all areas, procuring protective gear, and extending paid sick time for employees to properly recover if anyone gets ill.


(3) We promise prices won’t go up. Many retailers/companies are increasing prices on high demand items, but we actually launched a discounted Immunity Bundle to make the mixes more affordable, as it’s more important than ever that everyone is using these mixes.


(4) Even though the Your Super team is working remote at the moment, the customer service team is now available for extended hours by phone, chat and email 7 days a week. Remember that Your Super is your health buddy and we are here to support you anyway we can.

I loved this message I received today from Erin C.: ‘I just stocked on my favorites. Such a great reminder to keep using our powders and make healthy smoothies and foods everyday. My thought was if we were home for an extended period of time, I wouldn't have to stress about not having fresh veggies and fruit on hand like we normally do because we have the mixes. I have been using your products for a long time now and I know it is why I feel so good. I want to keep my family healthy and I know this will help.’


We hope this was helpful. Make sure to join our Facebook group here - and hopefully we can talk to you there.


Stay Healthy,


Kristel & Michael



P.S. As promised here is our DAILY REGIMEN at the moment with immunity boosting foods:


I focus on these 4 mixes the most:
1) Super Green - we all need to up our daily greens

2) Forever Beautiful - full portion Vit C per serving

3) Mellow Yellow - reducing stress is a super important

4) Magic Mushroom - best immunity boosting mushrooms



I start my day with a large green smoothie or a large berry smoothie.


Green Smoothie

2 tsp Super Green

1 tsp Mellow Yellow

1 banana

½ cup frozen mango

½ cup spinach

1 cup water

Optional: 2 tbsp Skinny Protein and 1 tsp Power Matcha and


Berry Smoothie

1 tsp Super Green mix

2 tsp Forever Beautiful mix

1 tsp Magic Mushroom mix

½ cup frozen blueberries

1 banana

1 cup oat milk

Optional: 2 tbsp Muscle Power mix and 1 tsp Energy Bomb mix



Throughout the day I’ll sip on Forever Beautiful water (1 tsp Forever Beautiful mixed in water) or take Immunity Shots (1 tsp Super Green + ½ cup water + fresh lemon juice or 1 tsp Mellow Yellow + ½ cup water)



To reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep, I like to make a spicy hot chocolate by mixing 1 tsp Mellow Yellow, 1 tsp Magic Mushroom and 1½ cups warm oat milk.


Super Green

Instant green juice powder
for increased immunity

Super Green

Immunity & Detox

Forever Beautiful

Loaded with antioxidants
and vitamin C

Forever Beautiful

Antioxidants & Vit C

Mellow Yellow

Naturally reduce stress
and inflammation

Mellow Yellow

Stress & Inflammation

Magic Mushroom

Instant hot chocolate
with healing mushrooms

Magic Mushroom

Healing hot chocolate

Immunity Bundle

Boost your immunity
and stay healthy

Immunity Bundle

Boost your immunity and stay healthy

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