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Holiday season is there and we're so excited! Stay healthy this winter while indulging in delicious homemade superfood treats. This bundle includes the the Chocolate Lover, Forever Beautiful and Power Matcha Mix...

Plus you will receive our brand new Holiday Recipe E-Book filled with delicious and Holiday-approved breakfast and snack recipes. This Holiday Bundle is the perfect holiday gift for your health-buddies or even yourself! 

This Bundle includes

✓ 1 Power Matcha Mix (150g) - For Long-Lasting Energy & Perfect Coffee Replacement 

✓ 1 Chocolate Lover Mix (200g) - For Guilt-Free Chocolate Snacking & A Happy Mood

✓ 1 Forever Beautiful Mix (200g) - For Antioxidant-Rich Beauty Berries & A Full Portion Of Vitamin C Per Serving

✓ Holiday Recipe E-Book - With Delicious Holiday Recipes Which All Are 100% Plant-Based, Clean-Eating, <30 Minutes Prep Time!



3 Superfood Mixes & Recipes
For Guilt-Free Snacking

For Guilt-Free Snacking



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