what are superfoods

I think by now everybody heard of the term superfoods. But what does the super in superfoods actually stand for?

The crucial factor is the above-average concentration of vitamins, minerals, secondary plant products, trace elements and antioxidants, which have a positive impact on the human body and health. In a nutshell: They are packed with nutrition! 

Here are 3 good reasons why everybody should eat up on superfoods and incorporate them into their diet: 

1. Not enough fruit & veg
The importance of natural micronutrients for our health is undeniable - but unfortunately, most of us fail to meet our nutritional needs with our diets. Our fast-food culture makes it even harder - it’s just so convenient to grab a sandwich on the go instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. 

2. Depleted soil
Unfortunately, a great deal of our conventionally grown produce is not as nutritionally dense as it used to be, due to mono-crops, cultivation and depleted soil. Unlike our conventional food, superfoods are ‘ancient’, which means they have not been altered and modified since their occurrence. That is why they stand out with a great nutritional profile.

3. Natural vs. synthetic
Currently, over half of the US population takes synthetic supplements like multivitamins. But truth is that it’s unclear how well synthetic nutrients are absorbed in the body and if they are actually healthy. When you eat real food that grows in nature, you’re not consuming isolated nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins and minerals with fiber and enzymes, that allow for optimal use by the body.

And last but not least: they are simply delicious! Here are my top 5 superfood recipes, you definitely need to try:

1. Green Muscle Power Smoothie

what are superfoods 

2. Energy Bomb Bliss Balls

what are superfoods


3. Chocolate Lover Mousse

what are superfoods


4. Acai Bowl

what are superfoods

5. Power Matcha Balls

what are superfoods

I hope you love these healthy and delicious recipes as much as I do! Please let me know which one you liked best! 

what are superfoods

what are superfoods

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August 03, 2017


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