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I’m a big fan of plant protein. I love starting my morning with a Muscle Power smoothie to keep me going until lunch or refuel after my workouts.

Here’s why plant protein is so awesome and why you should fuel up on high quality protein sources:

1. It helps keep your blood sugar stable.
Protein has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. Increasing protein intake can boost your energy levels, reduce jitteriness and mood swings, improve your sleep, and sharpen your focus!

2. It helps control hunger and cravings.
Calorie for calorie, protein is more filling than carbohydrates or fat. Research has shown that when people consume protein throughout the day, they eat less and feel fuller.

3. It helps you burn fat.
Various studies have shown that diets higher in protein can help you maintain muscle mass and lose more fat (especially belly fat!). This speeds up your metabolism, because muscle burns more calories than fat!

Using protein powder is such a good option if you’re trying to include more protein in your diet. But remember to check the ingredients for additives and sweeteners! 

We use only clean and nutritious ingredients in our Muscle Power Mix.So besides a powerful punch of 60% clean plant protein you also get the benefits of energizing superfoods that speed up your recovery!

vegan protein shake

The easiest way to use it is definitely in Protein Shakes and Smoothies. My favorites are this Green Protein Smoothie (because green smoothies are always a good idea), this Easy Vegan Protein Shake and last but not least this Snickers Protein Shake. I’m telling you, this one is soo good! 

What’s your favorite way of using the Muscle Power Mix?

vegan protein shake

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July 21, 2017


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