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healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies are awesome, delicious and such an easy breakfast or snack option. You're not only providing your body with essential micro- and macronutrients, fibre and minerals but also giving your digestive system a break.

There are endless combinations to try, but we've put 7 of our favourites, one for every day of the week, together for you! Each has a different purpose, whether it's to boost your energy or to refuel your muscles after a workout.

Try this week of easy smoothie recipes as a challenge to eat more fruits and veggies, or just pick your favourites and recreate them whenever you feel like it!

You can drink each of these as a simple smoothie or make yourself a smoothie bowl and eat it with your favourite toppings. Either way, we hope you enjoy! :)


1. POWER MATCHA MONDAY: We know, Mondays aren't easy. It's not fun to get up at 7:00 after sleeping in during the weekend. But we got your back! Try this Power Matcha Smoothie Bowl for an energizing start to the day. It will give you the energy you need to kick butts! (figuratively, of course! It's not nice to kick people's butts.)


2. MUSCLE POWER TUESDAY: Refuel with this delicious Snickers Protein Shake after breaking a sweat at the gym (good job!). This does not only provide your body with the essential amino acids you need after working out but also tastes like freaking snickers! Does. not. get. better.


3. ENERGY BOMB WEDNESDAY: Happy humpday! It's the middle of the week... 2 more days until the weekend. Try our Berry Energy Smoothie for an instant boost of energy to finish or start that day strong! Ready, steady, gooo!


4. SUPER GREEN THURSDAY: Don't we forget the importance of greens! With this Green Mango Smoothie Bowl you'll get in a ton of them while actually really enjoying the taste thanks to our fruity friends mango and pineapple. Fuel up!


easy smoothie recipes


5. CHOCOLATE LOVER FRIDAY: It's FRIYAY! Treat yourself to this delicious Vegan Chocolate Smoothie and satisfy all your cravings for chocolate while also providing your body with essential micro-nutrients. Win win! 


6. SKINNY PROTEIN SATURDAY: Time to bring that sweat on again! Use your day off to move your body and refuel with our Post Workout Skinny Protein Smoothie afterwards, which has the best of both – greens and protein! Your body will thank you :)


7. FOREVER BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY: Take it easy on Sunday and pamper yourself with a nice hot bath or shower, a face mask and a delicious antioxidant-rich Shake like this Triple Berry Smoothie. Give your body a break and relax a little, you earned it!

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January 05, 2017


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